Strategies for transformation

Transformation happens – we have no control over it. But we can become aware of the thresholds of transformation.

Allowing a complex pervasion of the situation, making our focus clear, reflecting our personal attitude and coming to terms with our profound feelings and thoughts.  It is necessary to open up to experiences of new behavior patterns in a changing world. Are there any favorable terms to make the pathway of transformation easier? Allowing the process to happen in small achievable steps takes the often noticeable pressure off during the varying phases of change. 

This is where PENTAFRAME COACHING  comes in to play to support you. 



• your unique talents and strengths

• your shadow topics and obstacles

• your unconscious behavior patterns

• your self-awareness

• your developmental possibility



• the working out of individual uniqueness

• the experience of creative and vital togetherness

• the development of a special intelligence, when people come together

Come to know


• social togetherness and experience its effectiveness

• yourself in teams during interaction of creative structuring

• yourself through deliberate mutual learning. 

For Coaching Sessions and Prices please contact:

Iris von Tiedemann • management in motion


phone: 00 49 172 941 60 41

PENTAFRAME Coaching is a specific Personal and Team Development  Program based on 64Keys. 

A full Coaching Process usually includes  five  sessions of two hours meetings. PENTAFRAME COACHING is part of the Coaching Office

Iris von Tiedemann • management in motion: and of the Institute for Transformational Leadership:

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