Iris von Tiedemann

I have been working intensely with people as a Leadership Coach for 20 years. 

It is about careers, goals, new professional and personal challenges, crises and reorientation.

I mainly work in Berlin and Hamburg and sometimes in Toronto.  As a certified teaching coach (ECA) I regularly offer facilitator training in transformational leadership. Transformation work is at the core of my coaching. Having been in the film and media industry previously, I have specialized in a work approach that is scenically and archetypically characterized. It enables close realms of experience for processes of strategy and transformation of individuals and teams. 

Since the beginning I have been studying old and new teachings (e.g. the Enneagram, the I Ching, the Golden Profiler of Personality) for my coaching work.

Through the approach of PentaFRAME Coaching and the associated force-field analysis, I have found the quintessence for upcoming transformation requirements of the future. 

Network Partners

Eine tiefe und erfolgreiche Veränderungsarbeit erfordert auf ganz unterschiedlichen Ebenen Unterstützung.

Menschen, mit denen ich kooperiere:


• Carsten Dujesiefken - Training in Nature (

• Dr. Thomas Ross - TCM / Akupunktur (

• Anna Schmutte - Grinberg Practioner (

• Cylla von Tiedemann - Photographer & Coach (

Professional Hub

• Amy & Arnold Mindell (

• European Coaching Association (

• Genekeys (

• Golden Profiler of Personality (

• MaxFacilitation (

• Penta Design (

• Presencing Institute (

• Genius Report (

• René van Osten - ZhanDao Schule des Yijing (


For Coaching Sessions and Prices please contact:

Iris von Tiedemann • management in motion


phone: 00 49 172 941 60 41

PENTAFRAME Coaching is a specific Personal and Team Development  Program based on 64Keys. 

A full Coaching Process usually includes  five  sessions of two hours meetings. PENTAFRAME COACHING is part of the Coaching Office

Iris von Tiedemann • management in motion: and of the Institute for Transformational Leadership:

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