Was vor uns liegt und was hinter uns liegt, ist nichts im Vergleich zu dem, was in uns liegt. Und wenn wir das, was in uns liegt, nach außen in die Welt tragen, geschehen Wunder.

   Henry David Thoreau

Life with force fields

The goal of the five-step PENTAFRAME COACHING is to work out your individual – and therefore your unique force field of resources together with you in a way that you can make use of it in your life and for your tasks in the best possible way. A complex design of this potential in the form of an individual map emerges from a calculated basic construction. When brought into awareness, you can consistently work on the growth of your possibilities in dialog with this graphic.   

Shadows as guideposts

Knowing and coming to terms with so called shadow topics, is an important part in successful transformation.  The characteristic traits, which were brought to mind with you beforehand, are the keys to changing restricting behaviors.    

The success of this process allows for innovative strategies, which can help you utilize circumstances of life that were conceived as negative until now, for new personal growth.  Blocked potentials are being transformed into personal strength. 

Potentials for togetherness

A unique field emerges, when people come together and work together. This field, nurtured by every single individual yet still a homogeneous corpus, contains its own intelligence.  An extraordinary cognitive ability is required for that. 

It is the soil where creativity, flowing collaboration and especially inspiration from the present sphere can grow. With PENTAFRAME COACHING you learn to raise your awareness and to identify what you can personally contribute to this unique team intelligence. 

Radial Mapping

PentaDesign offers you an individual and accurate map, which mirrors your uniqueness as one of a kind. However a map is not the country itself and every country invariably contains its own secrets. PentaDesign characterizes the ability of a person to motivate on the basis of old transformation knowledge. 

The evaluations are attributed to this body graphic following very specific rules, to show potential gifts and shortages. With PentaFrame Coaching you receive instructions on how to read your profile and how to work with it. 

Transformation issues

Substantial issues influence our lives: our genetic constitution, our upbringing and our social environment, our thought patterns, which have been reinforced throughout our lives and our energy potential – our force field.

With PENTAFRAME COACHING you will learn to get a better understanding of the issues in your life with the help of PentaDesign and to face the upcoming changes. Lasting success strategies pave the way to a promising future ahead.   

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PENTAFRAME Coaching is a specific Personal and Team Development  Program based on 64Keys. 

A full Coaching Process usually includes  five  sessions of two hours meetings. PENTAFRAME COACHING is part of the Coaching Office

Iris von Tiedemann • management in motion: www.irisvontiedemann.de and of the Institute for Transformational Leadership:

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